Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Collecting data is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is another. Both are integral for the future growth of your business.

Experience the marvels of data and enable better and faster business decisions by utilizing the unlimited potential of data science.

We will work to understand how data can deliver valuable results for your business. We identify questions and answers with real data and understand how those answers can be used in meaningful ways to move your business forward.

We can leverage existing data sources, and create new ones as needed to gather powerful insights that will help you achieve your business goals and maximize KPIs.

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Action


The devices our client sold to their customers were throwing errors, causing customers to complain and have downtime in workflows. Additionally,our client was losing money since they charged per use of the device; since the device had errors, it was not being used. Each device has its own error repository so the client was collecting data but not analyzing and making decisions about it. In Time Tec built a data warehouse to monitor and analyze the devices internal error reporting systems. Our solution pulls the device error data into a data warehouse to be analyzed and acted upon. We have also built models that look for trends in the errors so major changes can be made before the errors cause problems for the customers. Customer satisfaction increased as our client is now able to be proactive on a daily basis with our system, which finds trends and suggest hardware or firmware updates before it becomes a major problem. Increased revenue since devices are not down as often, customers are using them more and therefore our client is making more money.


A healthcare technology company was manually checking multiple dashboards for multiple clients everyday to monitor their software system health. Technologists were spending three to four hours a day monitoring all the dashboards and creating tickets to address issues. In Time Tec created a team of onshore developers to work with the company’s existing team and decrease the manual production monitoring. Our team created an API call from AppInsights through Azure into a Python script; the analysis is run in Python and flagged when there is an issue; a Jira ticket is then created for the issue. By working with In Time Tec, this company was able to decrease time spent on manual monitoring and ticketing, getting back at least 15 hours of working time a week.


An information technology company had a team of technologists build the initial foundation for a data project and now they were spending their time maintaining the project. This project took data sources into a cleanroom and sent the information to another team to analyze. In Time Tec created a blended team of onshore and offshore developers to take over the project from the company’s team. We now maintain and optimize the process, adding new data sources when needed. The IT company’s team is now freed up to create and focus on other projects within the company.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

See how building a data warehouse helped to analyze and report errors before they became a customer problem.

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